Restoring Trust in Elections

While Ohio's elections certainly aren't the worst in the county, some would argue they are among the best, we must nevertheless set a higher bar for election integrity. Our state cannot simply be better than other states. We believe that the unprecedented actions surrounding other states during the 2020 elections broke a public trust. No Republican should believe that the 2020 elections were conducted honestly and fairly - the evidence is overwhelming.

We support policies that will restore confidence in elections and provide for accurate, efficient, and economical elections that can be subject to rigorous inspection. We will challenge other States to do the same. We support:

  • Greater transparency and access to County and SOS data

  • Elections open to independent auditors and a phase out of mail-in absentee ballots

  • Independent security testing with rewards for finding flaws in the election system

  • Anonymous ballot receipts so voters can identify how their vote was counted

  • Voter mapping to determine if people actually live where they say they do

  • All election equipment to use opensource software

  • Required Photo Identification or thumbprint to vote

  • Add an option that when you vote you get a text confirming you voted