High Conflict Divorces

Ohio needs a new classification of divorce that protects former family members from menacing them through the court system, using children as pawns to wage war against former spouses, and to help those harboring unhealthy resentments and vendettas. Too many children and adults have been abused by the court system - which has inflamed domestic violence and created a mental health crises among children caught in the middle and abused spouses.

Body Branding

We believe that those guilty of dealing dangerous narcotics and child sex offenses in Ohio should be permanently body branded using laser branding. Body branding provides a permanent mark for law enforcement and the public to identify those that have caused irreparable harm to the State of Ohio. Body branding is a tremendous deterrent for selling drugs or sexually abusing minors in Ohio.

Improved Access to Addiction Services

Addicts that cooperate with the police should receive access to mental health and addiction services. Those that do not cooperate with law enforcement should be put through the Ohio penal system.

Death Penalty

We believe that those found guilty of dealing Fentanyl in Ohio should receive the death penalty. It is the deterrent Ohio needs in the war on illegal opioids. We believe it is also fitting to used seized fentanyl to put those found guilty of distributing lethal doses of fentanyl to death.