Banishment of Child Sex Offenders

Part of the terms of the release of child sex offenders from prison is they get a one way ticket out of Ohio and may not return.

350 New Special Victims Detectives

The human trafficking of children and child abuse are all too common in Ohio. We need special investigators to concentrate on these crimes to protect the most vulnerable among us. Ohio will protect its women and children.

Reforming Child Protective Services

No matter what county you go to in Ohio you will meet parents and children that have horror stories about CPS. These stories are not rare, they are abundant and plentiful. Clearly, more oversight and regulation is needed so that county CPSs do not abuse their powers. We need empowered social workers that use common sense and do not allow the system to be abused.

Making Adoption Cheaper and Easier

Being a pro-life state carries with it the responsibility to ensure that adoption is cheap, easy, and safe. We support legislation that allows more faith-based local organizations to vet potential new parents and significantly streamlining the process of adoption.

Fighting for the Rights of the Unborn

We cannot play lip-service to fighting for the rights of the unborn. We cannot say that we are for life and allow abortions to increase in our state. We must support proactive efforts to protect the unborn and make those seeking to expand abortion react to our efforts.

Exorcising Common Core

Governor John Kasich sided with liberal elitists to implement Common Core in Ohio Schools. He was partially successful. We need to work hard to return local control and curricula to parents. Our schools were promised to be entrusted to parents - not academic professionals with ulterior motives.

Exorcising Social Emotional Learning

Governor Mike DeWine shrewdly used his power to implement SEL throughout Ohio's education system. Making SEL part of licensing for teachers and school administrators. This unprecedented mobilization allows for an unprecedented abuse of power for activists teachers and administrators and further liberal indoctrination of students. We must stand strong and stand upon principle against SEL and its potential for abuse. SEL has no room to exist in Ohio education as currently conceived.

Exorcising Diversity Equity and Inclusion

While Diversity Equity and Inclusion sound like a good thing on the surface, DEI, in our opinion, helps to foster Division, Enmity, and Intolerance and does not produce an environment conducive to education. We must make certain that our schools do not become manufacturers of hate and distributors of liberal propaganda through relationships with DEI organizations. We support reviewing such associations and providing penalties for schools that have relations with DEI organizations that foster propaganda and negative elements such as the concept of "white privilege".

Consensus on Restroom Use

Public health and safety professionals agree that public and school restroom use should be unquestionably segregated by biological sex. Allowing gender identification to govern the use of restrooms puts women and children in unnecessary danger and their health at risk. We support public restrooms being segregated by biological sex, making no accommodations for unnatural gender identities.

Exorcising Critical Race Theory

Ohio schools have not "whitewashed" history for a very long time. There is a balanced focus in relation to the participation of races, creeds, and colors and the part they played in Ohio, American, and World history. Ohio schools do not have to teach such divisive concepts that unnecessarily divide students and purposefully cause an unwarranted hate and resentment for others and for America.

Protecting Women's Sports

The concept is easy. If you were born a female (biological sex) you can participate in Girl's and Women's sports. If you were born anything other than a biological female you cannot participate in Girl's and/or Women's sports in Ohio.

Gender Identification

We do not support compelling students to participate in any unnatural gender identification and affirming rules provided by schools. While we do not support intolerance and hate - inclusion must be earned and not forced through rules and regulations. Schools should not seek to legislate behaviors that should be earned.

Pride in Country

We believe that society produces more well adjusted adults when K-12 curricula stresses a positive view of America, the pursuit of exceptionalism, and pursuing the American dream. American capitalism should be taught as a positive force for good.

Ending Tenure

We do not believe that the concept of "tenure" has a place in a modern and competitive education system. Ohioans should not have to endure poor teachers and professors. The world market is too competitive for Ohioans to maintain these costs and suffer inferior education.

Firing Bad Teachers

We believe that all public school teachers can be fired for cause as determined by the local school board.

Liberal Indoctrination

We believe that the State Board of Education cannot have any political appointees and must only be popularly elected - including the Superintendent of Ohio Schools. The State Board of Education has a duty to identify and define detrimental concepts, activist teachers, and toxic curricula that poisons the minds of students and that produces deleterious outcomes.